Western Adventure

Anytime I think of treasure, I often think of treasure out west, that is the American West.  Many of my favorite treasure books tell stories of lost treasure on the western frontier.  Even if it is not treasure, I still like stories about the wild west.  I love the adventure, the romance, the gun play, the good guys versus the bad guy theme.  I grew up watching many westerns:  Gunsmoke, Bonanza, The Wild Wild West.  One of the situation cards for Treasure Trove gives a player a chance to draw from one of the six decks of situation cards included in the game.  Of all the hundreds of westerns I have seen, the closing scene in Shane is still probably my favorite, the one where Alan Ladd takes out Jack Palance.  The quickest to draw.



     I like westerns. Some of the best movies ever made in my opinion were Westerns such as Shane starring Alan Ladd.  The cast of the Magnificent Seven included stars such as Charles Bronson, Yul Brynner, Steve McQueen, Robert Vaughn, and James Coburn.  How about Paul Newman and Robert Redford in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid?  As for TV, I can remember dozens of westerns.  On Saturday mornings as a kid I watched Roy Rodgers and a show called Sky King.  The afternoons had The Lone Ranger.  The evenings had guys such as Paladin who was a classy gunslinger, and The Rifleman which had a cool theme song. Gunsmoke was a stalwart running for years.  And then there was Sunday night, that is, Bonanza.

          As a family we were not always able to be together in the evenings as my older brothers got into high school, but from what I remember we were often together on Sunday night watching Bonanza.  When we finally got a color TV I recall how beautiful the colors were on Bonanza.  It also had a good theme song.  Because it showed for many years it creating a bond with its viewers.  I also recall Sunday evenings after church was snack night and we got to eat in front of the TV.  All other nights was at the dinner table.  One of my brothers often made tuna salad while I often heated up a can of ravioli.  The only thing bad about Bonanza was in the back of my brain a voice whispering, “tomorrow is school.”

    I do not submit for extended cable coverage but if I did I would want to receive the Western channel.  Whenever I do watch a Western I still for the most part enjoy them although in more recent years they are too violent and getting a little bit unrealistic such as one man taking on fifty.  

          Westerns bring back a bunch(bonanza) of good memories.  They may be too simplistic for many viewers but I enjoy a theme that has the good and bad element to it as well as a moral to the story.  Toss in a little action, some romance while the good guys lasso the outlaws, and I still think they make for an enjoyable adventure.  When I’m channel surfing I sometimes catch a Western and it seems to make me feel better.  I’m never going to be as tough or as cool as the men depicted in the shows, but I have always thought being a Western action hero was much more plausible than being a Spiderman or Batman.  The rugged individual has always had an allure to me. 

         A board game that entails adventure as well as striking it rich is Treasure Trove.  Lots of bonanzas to be discovered including diamonds, gold, pearls, coins, rare minerals and oil.  Please visit our website at www.treasuretrovegame.com