Temple of the Tooth

Tooth Temple


Temple of the Tooth

            The strategy of the board game TreasureTrove is straightforward.  Travel the world collecting treasure.  A players age makes no difference.  A child has just as much chance of winning as an adult.  Every player will collect treasure.  In the process of game play a lot of interesting facts about treasure, strange creatures and animals, famous places, and temples are encountered. 

            Seventy-two situation cards involved in game play offer a variety of opportunities.   Sometimes the card will send the player somewhere, while other times it offers an opportunity to send another player somewhere else. Other cards allow you to draw another card, win money, loss a turn, and so forth.  A twenty page booklet is included with the game that describes each of the treasure places on the game board.  Additionally the booklet has a footnote section that often discusses more in depth many of the icons and drawings on the board, as well as many of the situation cards.  The bottom line, there is a lot of intriguing information to learn while playing if players choose to look in the booklet.

            One temple in Asia I choose to include on the game board is the Temple of the Tooth.  It is just as it says.  A temple, where it is said one of Buddha’s teeth is held.  The tooth is housed within a gold container inside a small room within the shrine.  The container is covered with a treasure trove of golden ornaments and gems.  It is one of the most sacred temples for followers of Buddhism.  It is also one of the most visited shrines in the world.  The fact that the temple is located in a city called Kandy was to cool for me not to include on the game.

            One of the situation cards in the game reads as follows:         


                                              Buddha’s Tooth on the game board of TreasureTrove

Buddha's tooth on gameboard

The information within the booklet reads as follows:

Buddha’s Tooth:  Find it in a temple on the island of Sri Lanka along with a wealth of gold and jewels.  There is a separate room or cavity within the building that houses the treasure.  (See Footnotes-Buddhism)

 The footnote section at the back of the booklet reads as follows: 

Buddhism:  Follows the teachings of Gautama Buddha who lived during the 5th century B.C. in Nepal.  Buddhist teachings come from several sources.  Two of the important ones are the Sutra which records his life and teachings, and secondly, Dharma, which translated into English would imply “law.”  The Sutra is said to be a bright revelation emanating from Buddha’s mouth that attracts all living beings.  The Sutra and Dharma emphasize “higher truth” and proper conduct in living. 

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