Siberian Fireball

Tunguska Blast

I have always been fascinated by the remoteness of Siberia.  A board game that I played as a kid was called Risk.  I loved it.  Each player tries to conquer the world with armies.  I liked looking at the geography of the map on the game board.  Places like Kamchatka, Irkutsk, Siberia, Madagascar, and New Guinea all captured my imagination.  When I would hear or read about places like Lake Baikal in remote Asia, my mind would race back to my Risk playing days.

When I created the board game Treasure Trove I wanted to include strange places, exotic animals, ancient cities, and fabled treasure that would capture the imagination of young minds who might play the game.  One such place was the mysterious blast in a remote part of Siberia that leveled over 80 million trees.  The Siberian Fireball as many now call it, took place near Tunguska in 1908.  It was not seriously scientifically evaluated for many decades later.  At first it was assumed to have been a meteorite, but there is no large crater.  Now it is thought to probably have been a comet that exploded in the atmosphere.  There are plenty of other hypothesis including:  A black hole went through the earth, a chunk of antimatter falling from space( I am not exactly sure what antimatter is), a natural H-bomb (whatever that is), or the explosion of an alien spacecraft.  A lot of Star Trek theories I suppose.

I have several places on the game board of Treasure Trove that involve strange phenomena such as the Bermuda Triangle or The Giants of Nazca.  It is fun to expose kids playing the game to the many fascinating places our planet has to offer.


              As a child growing up my family played a lot of board games.  During adolescence I began to really enjoy strategy games.  With three brothers I was not alone in enjoying war games.  One that I remember that really captured my imagination was the game RISK.  I was eleven when I first played the game in 1965.  Each player has armies as they try to conquer the world.  I loved looking at the map of the world and learning names I had never heard of:  Madagascar, Irkust, Yakust, and my favorite, Kamchatka.  I love the sound of that; Kamchatka.

            My mind still conjures up imaginative thoughts of far away places in the remoteness of cold and relatively unknown areas of the globe such as parts of Siberia.  It was not until a few years back that I watched a TV documentary on  grizzly bears in Kamchatka that renewed my fascination with Russia’s eastern most province.  It was also about that time I read a National Geographic article on the numerous volcanoes once active in that region, similar to our Yellowstone Park.  The area is host to many eagles and the land is thought to probably hold oil deposits.

kamchatka brown bear

water in volcano top

beautiful kamchatka region

           My wife and daughter do not like board games requiring strategy so when I decided to create my on game it was to be one that would be easy enough as traveling the world collecting trasure pieces. When I was making a map of the world to for the board game TreasureTrove whereby players search for lost treasure I wanted to include remote, far away places that most of us will never have the opportunity to visit.  I could not resist placing Kamchatka on the game board.  The game includes 72 situation cards which can be good or bad.  Some of the cards are worth money, some cause a player to lose a turn, and some give a player a choice of several destinations on the board to journey to.  One of the cards gives a player the opportunity to journey to one of several places in search of oil, one of which is Kamchatka.  Most of the treasures to be found or discovered while playing the game are lost pirate treasure, diamonds or gold.  Oil is included because the reality is that oil is the greatest natural treasure ever discovered.  The card reads as follows:


            Also included with the game is a 40 page booklet that describes the treasures on the board game.  The following is the description for the treasure to be found in Kamchatka:

  Kamchatka:  Your adventurous spirit takes you to Russia’s Far Eastern province to search for oil.  Its natural  beauty inspires you to instead establish a tourist destination that ends up being much more valuble. (see footnotes)         

            The booklet also includes a footnote section highlighting many of the world’s greatest treasure finds and facts about destinations on the game.  The following is in the footnote section:

 Kamchatka:  This remote but beautiful land is home to more brown bears than anywhere on earth.  Some of the world’s largest eagles, boar, and moose are there too.  It has over 100 active volcanoes.

             Our search for treasure in this life is often not only a journey but can be an adventure.  More importantly we sometimes discover somehing of much more value than what we are actually searching for.  Please visit our website www.TreasureTrovegame to learn about the game.

Kamchatka on game board