Planet of the apes

Island of the Apes


Tiwai Island on the Moa River

All of us are familiar with the Planet of the Ape movies.  I think there are three or four sequels to the original movie made in the late 1960’s.  The first was OK, but that is the only one I recall enjoying.  My favorite ape movie of all time was the original 1930’s King Kong.  More so than the 1970’s remake or even the more recent remake.  The original black and white captured my imagination.  The ship lost in a foggy mist as it approaches an unknown island somewhere in the remote corner of the earth near Indonesia.  My family watched the movie together on TV in the early 1960’s as dad shared with us he had seen the movie at the theater as a child.      


    Islands and their remoteness as well as exotic names easily are naturally intriguing to us.  Mysterious Island, Easter Island, Shark Island: to name just a few.  There is no island called Ape Island, but with a little search on the internet I found there is a place called Island of the Apes.  It is not located in the remote South Pacific but actually in Africa.  It is a small island located within the confines of the Moa River in northwest Africa that has a large congregation of primates and chimpanzees, as well as other wildlife.  Island of the Apes was something I wanted to add to the game board of TreasureTrove.  An exotic place that would be an adventure to visit.






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