Michael Phelps

Shark Island

I was watching an interview of Michael Phelps by Bob Costas about Michael’s future plans.  As of today, Michael has no desire to swim in the next Olympics.  He expressed a desire to scuba dive, and with sharks.  One of his swimming competitors at the Olympics is from South Africa and invited Michael to visit him and swim with Great White sharks.  Michael did say that he would be in a cage underwater, not actually in the open water with the sharks.  Sharks are his favorite animal he expressed.  Now it was time to have a little fun in life.  Michael is not alone in his fascination of sharks.  Most of us are, especially Great White sharks.   


I choose to place a number of islands on the game board of Treasure Trove such as Crocodile Island, Dragon Island, Skull Island, Treasure Island, and a Shark Island.  There are a several actual Shark Islands throughout the world, and I choose the one near Australia to place on the game board.

Included within the booklet of instructions for the game is an eight page footnote section talking about actual treasure findings throughout history, as with as information regarding places on the game board.  The following is from the footnote section about Shark Island.

            There is an actual Shark Island off Nambia’s coast in southwest Africa.  One of the Cocos Islands is named the “Island of the Sharks” off Costa Rica’s west coast in Central America because of the large numbers of sharks present.  Shark Bay is off the west coast of Australia.  There is also tiny Shark Island off Cornulla Beach, New South Wales, near Australia’s southeast coast.  It is a world famous spot to surf with its huge waves.     

I love to scuba dive, but actually enjoy the little fishes rather than sharks.  I also know people and especially kids are fascinated by sharks.  It was only fitting to include a Skull Island on the game board.  I also hope Michael Phelps has a safe excursion on his travels to Africa.