Vampires and Zombies

Vampires and zombies seem to be a big theme in a lot of movies now days. I grew up watching old black and white vampire movies with Bela Lugosi and a few zombie movies with witch doctors in the Caribbean but I never thought there would be the plethora of movies on such themes as there are today.

I asked some of my older children, who are in their late 20’s, why young audiences are so fascinated with these movies. They were not so much into the vampire motif as much as the idea that there could be a global disease epidemic creating zombie like people. Perhaps a post war or apocalyptic occurrence. Very gruesome, however, not much different than the cheesy 1950’s black and white movies dealing with a post nuclear war scenario.

I also noticed a lot of kids like to put the death and decaying makeup on for Halloween these days. I suppose I would have like to have done that when I was a kid. There used to be a few Dracula costumes roaming about on Halloween when I was a kid. As I recall, I was a little uncomfortable with the Dracula and blood sucking vampire thing. When I was about ten I saw a movie where a teenager was bit by his girlfriend and he turned into a vampire. I had trouble sleeping that night, and it made me suspicious of girls for a while. I also saw a movie where a Caribbean voodoo witch doctor would put pins in a doll, and then turned people into zombies. I hated that movie. Consequently for the last 45 years I have avoided such movies.

Having said that I did include a situation card in the board game Treasure Trove where one gets bit by a bat thereby losing their next turn.


Dracula’s Castle



Bran Castle in Translvania

   When I was a kid there used to be a Saturday afternoon feature of old black and white scary movies.  They were fun. I liked watching cheesy 1950’s movies such as giant ants(Them),  visitors from outer space( The Day the Earth Stood Still), and animal monsters(The Creature from the Black Lagoon).   The TV stations also showed the original scary movies from the 1930’s such as Frankenstein, the Werewolf, and Dracula.  I did not enjoy the 1930’s movies as much. 

As for Dracula, I not only thought it was fakey, but I never liked the idea of someone sucking the blood out of my neck.  When I was about nine years of age I went to watch a western.  The previews showed a movie of people kissing someone else and turning them into someone with a blank stare, eventually a vampire.  I am not sure I was into girls at that time but I was sure afraid to kiss any girl after seeing the preview of that movie.  I have not seen any of the many dozens of remakes of Dracula over the next 50 years. 

I choose to put a situation card about Bats in the European card section of Treasure Trove for several reasons.  First, I have a card about Cats, and another about Rats, and therefore it just seemed appropriate for there to be one about Bats.  Second, there is a veneer of truth in all aspects of Treasure Trove.  I found it interesting that there really is a castle in Transylvania called Dracula’s Castle.  If one is searching for treasure in Europe I suppose castles are as good as any place to snoop and dig.  However, castles can be dark, damp, smelly, and full of nasty critters such as bats.










I really liked Halloween as a child, but that was 50 years ago. It has obviously changed a lot since then.  I do not celebrate it much anymore.  Unfortunately by the1970’s slasher films became popular. I have never sat down and actually watched a slasher film where the bad guy cuts up people.  Consequently, Halloween is not as much fun to me anymore.  I thought it would be as good as any time to mention in my blog the situation card about Bats. If you like Halloween, have fun and have a safe one. I still like those little sweet tarts, and small size butterfingers, but my teeth don’t.