Bev Robinson

Holy Water


     Please be very patient with me when you read this article.  Please do not judge me too hastily.  Please listen to what I am trying to communicate.  Please understand I am only sharing from my heart.  Please remember we are all human mortals searching the mysteries of the world we live in, it’s hidden truths and treasures. If you are patient with me, I won’t hold it against you when you snicker at what you about to read.

          I was raised Protestant and still am, as is my wife.  We met at a Christian University 35 years ago.  We are both reflective people and enjoy sharing with each other.  We are also honest and try to create an atmosphere where we can question our walk with God and admit our concerns about how He works in our lives.  This includes sharing the positive as well as the disappointments in our perceptions of God.

          My wife Melanie reads more than I do, including a good many inspirational and devotional books.  I am not a good reader but try to read the bible daily.  I enjoy her sharing the highlights of what she explores; it is always edifying.  Being the honest and direct person I am, I share with her the things that I read in the bible that make me question God and his dealings with mankind.  I appreciate it when she says, “that passage has also always troubled me.”  If I go on to convey what I think God, or Jesus, or Paul, or John is trying to say, she listens and then often affirms what my understanding is.  She might say “I think that is getting at what the nature of God is,” or “I was reading something recently that sounds close to what you’re saying.”  Let’s get on with what this to do with Holy Water.

          Melanie recently read to me from a book written by a lady who has a degree in chemistry and sees the nature of God at the smallest element of creation; the atom.  Convergence of Quantum Physics, Scripture and Prophecy was written by Bev Robinson and her husband Ras, a Pastor.  They are not the first to see God’s hand working in all levels of creation from the stars to the microbiological level.  However, there was one chapter that captured my wife’s attention.  A chapter discussing the power of words.  It challenges us to remember that what we say to others and what we receive from others in word has a stronger impact on us than we may realize.  Even at the molecular level.  Yes, even at the molecular level.

          Bev shared in the book some research done by a Japanese scientist named Masaru Emoto.  He was searching for scientific evidence as to whether or not the molecular structure of water is affected by words and thoughts.  Let me briefly summarize my understanding of his research.

50 individual drops of water were taken from a polluted water source, frozen on separate petri dishes, and photographed revealing malformed crystals.  50 individual drops were then taken from the same source, however prior to be frozen had words of love and thanks spoken over them as a blessing.  The difference was the crystals that received a blessing were mostly symmetrical and therefore pleasing to the eye. Those droplets that did not receive words of affirmation had crystals that were not symmetrical appearing malformed and ugly.  Sounds like a bunch of nonsense doesn’t it?

          It may indeed be ridiculous, but just think if there is any truth to it.   It would indeed affect us.  After all, our bodies are over 75% water.  So what?   

          Remember, God spoke creation into existence.  He exists in all of creation including the cells of our bodies.  He reveals himself to us through in a number of ways including nature, science, his animals, his Son Christ, and through his Word.  The Word (the bible), was given to us through prophets, Kings such as David and Solomon, scribes, apostles, disciples, and of course Jesus.  It was the words that these people of the bible spoke that often brought physical healing, inspiration, victory in battle, release from demonic spirits and so forth.

          I have always tried to weigh my words before I speak.  I am well aware of the numerous times I spoke sooner than I should have or words spoken in anger that are so condemnatory.  I will hopefully be more mindful of the words I say to others.  I will also be more open to the idea that peoples prayers over others for healing are not in vain.  Those prayers may not bring the healing that was specifically sought but I am confident some measure of healing at some level is occurring, whether I visibly see it or not.  There could very well be improvement( healing) at the molecular level.  I will leave the amount of healing and the timing up to God. I don’t think I will be quite as hesitant to pray over others as I have been, and I believe I will have more confidence in those prayers.  In other words some amount of good is taking place.

          At the end of our conversation I began teasing Melanie when I asked, “what about that jug of Holy Water I saw in the corner of the baptismal area of the Catholic church we visited?”  I had a snicker on my face.  She giggled: then we both paused at about the same moment.  We looked at each other until one of us said, “Someone may have blessed the water in that container with words.”  Food for thought, isn’t it?  Or should I say, possibly life giving water.  

“A person’s words can be life giving water; words of true wisdom are  as refreshing as a bubbling brook.”    Proverbs 18:4

  “Words satisfy the soul as food satisfies the stomach.” Proverbs 18:20         

                             New Living Translation