on January 20, 2017
Awesome idea for a game. Kids love it, fun to play it with them. Buy this game!
on June 6, 2016
I bought this for my nephew for his 10th birthday. I have yet to play it, however he said “this is my favorite game ever”. It was a huge hit, they played it twice the night he received it and again first thing the next morning as a family. He has 2 younger siblings 8 and 6 years old that played it and loved it as well. My brother-in-law really enjoyed playing it with them as well so it is a game the whole family can enjoy without getting bored. My husband and I love board games and when I can get my family and friends games as gift I do because I love the good old fashioned family nights and game nights with friends (and not the electronic kind).
on August 8, 2016
I bought this for my 7 year old son as we are beginning to transition him from “baby games” to more strategy focused games. He had taken to it extremely well, with our help. He definitely needs help reading the cards but he understands the concept and strategy very well. Additionally, I like that the game does not require a single path from start to finish – he can make all of his own decisions. Free-thinking!
By dona on April 20, 2016
loads of fun. Lots of reading and looking for clues on the board, but overall a fun learning game
on August 13, 2015
fantastic game for a 6 yr old. lots to learn about the world and not too long a game so boredom isn’t a factor.
n July 29, 2015
Fun board game for 8 year old. She gets so excited about picking up treasures and treasure notes that she never loses interest. With one dice however and two people playing it moves too slowly especially for mom and dad so we added a second dice. Now everyone’s happy! 🙂
on September 19, 2016
We love this game! My 8 year olds play it all the time. Very easy to understand and play and the kids learn where the continents are on the map as well.
on October 20, 2016
We love this game. it’s a lot of fun and educational. We highly recommend it.
on February 1, 2016
I gave this to my niece and nephew (twins) for Christmas. They are 7, wrote me a note saying how much they loved it.