Treasure Chests

Captain Kidd’s Treasure Chest

What is it about a treasure chest that fascinates all of us?  Is it the anticipation of opening up a trunk full of coins and jewels?  Just mentioning a treasure chest conjures up images of pirates digging up a trunk on a remote seashore.  At least it does in my mind.

The graphic artist that helped with the layout of my game TreasureTrove placed a treasure chest on the box top.  One of the 16 treasure pieces to be acquired while playing Treeasure Trove is a treasure chest.  I choose to call it Captain Kidd’s Treasure Chest and placed it in the Indian Ocean.  Most people think of pirates to have been in the Caribbean Sea and along the Eastern shores of the United States.  In reality pirates were on all the high seas.  Captain Kidd did indeed sail off the Eastern shores of the United States but most of his exploits were in the Indian Ocean.  That is where I choose to place his treasure: a treasure chest.  One half buried in the sand.  Hopefully those playing the game will remember ole Captain Kidd roamed the far seas a long way from the Americas.


William Kidd was from Scotland who captained the English ship the Adventure Galley during the late 17th century, that is, until he turned to piracy.  He did travel the Atlantic but it is his exploits in the Indian Ocean that are well documented.  It is thought he may have ventured as far as the islands of Japan.  He eventually returned to New York City as well as the Caribbean, both places rumored to have had caches of his buried loot.  He was arrested in Boston, returned to England, tried and hung as a pirate.  His actions as a pirate, if indeed he truly was one as some argue, are still debated today.  The legends of his buried treasure inspired the writing of books such as Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island and Edgar Allen Poe’s short story The Gold Bug.

William Kidd

Howard Pyle's painting of Capt Kidd burying his treasure