Where there is a treasure hunt there seems to be swords.  The pirate sword is the first to come to mind.  Swords seem to fascinate boys.  When I was about eight years old, a kid on my street got a Roman shield, helmet and sword for his birthday. I thought it was the coolest thing.  It was a short straight sword as the Romans used.  Years later I recall my son wanting a pirate sword in his hand along with the eye patch for one of his Halloween costumes.  They have that distinctive curve to them. 

     Do you remember the first Indiana Jones movie when he was in Egypt trying to elude the bad guys when he encountered the man with the huge sword?  If you have not seen the movie you need to.  It is a great adventure story while they search for the treasure of the lost Ark of the Covenant.  Of course for most of us who remember the movie we know he takes the guy out with his handy pistol.  So much for big swords: in this case a scimitar.  I always thought those Arabian swords looked cool and I like the word, “scimitar.”    Another neat name is, “samurai sword.” 

       When I first developed the board game TreasureTrove in the late 1980’s I had three spaces on the board for swords.  The first was Napoleon’s sword, then samurai sword, and eventually Captain Sinbad’s scimitar.  I loved watching Sinbad movies so I wanted to include him on the game board.  I later changed Napoleon’s sword to Waterloo saber.  By the way one of Napoleon’s swords actually did auction for over six million dollars in 2007.

     I do not recall having  a sword as a child but we messed around the cardboard rolls inside wrapping paper.  In some ways they were better than store bought plastic swords because we could get after it without worrying about breaking something from the store.

      When my son was about eight my wife and I bought him a plastic Roman sword, helmet and shield.  Ephesians chapter 6, talks about the armor of Christ and the writer Paul uses the equipment of a Roman soldier as an analogy.  As I said, most boys love swords and it was a great way to teach a wonderful New Testament biblical lesson to him.

     On the board game TreasureTrove one of the situation cards gives a player the choice to travel to one of three places to go the game board regarding their choice of swords.

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