Simple Treasures

Nice Sunday A.M.


          How would you describe an enjoyable Sunday morning?  What are some things you would do to try and create that perfect morning?

          I choose Sunday morning because it is often the best time of the week for me.  I have throughout the years deliberately tried to make Sunday morning restful.  I purposely try to set it apart by establishing some habits to make it different, hopefully special.

          In all fairness I admit I have an advantage over most people.  I’m an early riser.  I love to be up by 5 a.m. doing something.  If I have a night of restless sleep I may stay in bed until 7 a.m.  Ideally I would like to be in bed by 10 p.m. so I can get up early.  The perfect morning for my grown children is to sleep late.  It is actually strange to me how they can sleep until 11:00. It is definitely different for me.  Even if I don’t sleep well, I wake early usually before 7:00.  I’m off on Fridays and love to go to the gym early; big breakfast and off to do errands.  Saturdays… it’s hit the track for a jog in the early dark and do yard work and chores for the house the rest of the morning.  AHHHHHH…….but Sunday…… it’s time to break from the routine.  No chores, no exercise.

         On a recent Sunday I awoke at 5:00 feeling refreshed.  I sit on the back porch and gaze at the moon and stars.  When I occasionally see a shooting star I like to think God may have something special to convey to me.  The air is crisp and clean.  I begin by thanking the Lord how refreshing the air seems.  I had asthma as a child with many a long nights struggling to breathe, so just being able to breathe easily is blessing to me. 

         There is an open field behind my house and as the night fades into the dim early morning light I see the mountains in the distance.  I guess you would call them mesas rather than actual mountains.  They are about 7 miles yonder as people say here.  I begin to notice the red roses on my wife’s numerous rose bushes.  They are pretty, especially with the backdrop off our white picket fence.  A little odd to have a white picket fence in West Texas but I always wanted one so I put one in six years ago and I like it.  The black night retreats to shades of blue and purple with a soft touch of orange as the sun approaches.  I tell the Lord how much I love the colors and the gift of eyesight.

         I hear the faint sound of a train engine in the distance.  I eagerly wait for the sound to increase in intensity.  Soon I hear the clickety clack of the rail cars.    The closet tracks to my house are about six miles away but my ears love the sound of trains. My hearing is diminishing as I age but this morning I tell the Lord thank you that I can hear.  The first six years off my life I could not hear well.  After an operation at age six, I could hear everything so much better. I can assure you hearing is a blessing.

         A black cat comes dashing across my backyard and onto the porch.  He gives a meow to say good morning and looks at the door as if to say l’m ready for a morning snack.  I like Marley.  He doesn’t bother me too much.  He is very good at not waking me up at night and patiently waits for us to rise each morning.  He likes to be in the same room with us if we are reading, watching TV, eating dinner and so forth.   He is particularly fond off my wife and likes to sit in her lap each morning during her devotional reading.  I’m not sure I’m all that fond off cats but I find myself enjoying  Marley being a part of our family.  The animal kingdom if stewarded correctly can be a real blessing as Marley is to us.

         After entering the house about 5:45 I retreat to the study and enjoy reading the word.  I was raised to try and spend time in the bible and I use a chronological bible.  It has a set amount of reading for each day and helps keep me on track to read through the bible each year.  I enjoy very much reading the word.  If I miss a day or two it’s easy to catch up.  I consider this desire and enjoyment of bible reading to be a gift from the Lord.  I offer some prayer requests on behalf of friends and their voiced concerns that I heard throughout the week.  It is now about 6:20.

         I peek into the bedroom and hear Melanie rustling in bed.  Since she is awake I crawl back into bed for a few minutes to snuggle.  I love to feel the softness of her cheeks pressed against mine.  I don’t think it is quite the same for her.  “Your unshaven cheeks feel like sandpaper,” she once expressed to me.  Her hair feels like angel hair to me and I love to kiss her warm forehead.  The few minutes of snuggling are an incredible pleasure to me.  If time permits and it goes further, well that is great.

         I am now ready for a small breakfast snack.  I place three strawberries, eight blue berries, half a banana, a handful of peanuts, a piece of Swiss cheese, and part of a breakfast roll on a plate.  To accompany this I add a glass of about eight ounces of grape juice and a small glass of milk.  I savor each bite as I look out the breakfast room windows to watch the sun continue to rise.  I smell Melanie’s coffee as she retreats to her study where Marley joins her.  He gives her a faint meow to say good morning.

         Now it is off for a warm bath at 6:55 as I read the morning paper.  At 7:35 I exit the tub and begin to get ready for church.  To live in the land of the free and have the opportunity to worship with other believers in peace is a blessing most Americans take for granted.  After returning home my wife and I spend a few minutes sharing and offering prayers.  She leaves to go finish preparing our Sunday meal.  I can only recall one or two meals in over 30 years of her cooking that I have not enjoyed.  I like watching her cook and enjoy reading the paper as she does so.  Sometimes were joined by some of our kids, sometimes not, either way I’m happy.  It is now about 1 p.m. and I’m getting sleepy, nap time.  It was a great morning.  It does not always work out quite so smoothly but I find myself striving to make it happen, and the more do so, the more it seems to transpire.  Life’s simple pleasures are often our greatest treasures.