Pirate Archipelago


 BirdsEyeViewAerialPictures019 Buccaneer Archipelago Islands off Australia


logoWhen my kids and I starting to playing Treasure Trove in the late 1980’s, I was hoping to incorporate a sense of adventure as players traveled around the world.  My son was into pirates at the time so I obviously wanted to include pirate’s treasure.  I spent a lot of time in the library researching legends of pirate treasure.  It was time consuming compared to having the internet as we do today. 

Some of the major treasures on the game board involve Spanish and pirate treasure.  However I deliberately avoided the lure of the game just having a pirate motif.  I also knew that kids as well as adults will always find the idea of pirate treasure imaginative. This was long before the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies came out.









buccaneer archipelagoI had always liked the phrase “pirates cove,” so I placed a spot on the game board near Australia.  I put it on the western side of the continent.  Many years later when I was finalizing some research I found out there is an actual place called Buccaneer Archipelago.  It is exactly where I had placed “pirate’s cove.”  I thought that was pretty cool.  It was an easy decision to change  “pirate’s cove” to Buccaneer Archipelago for the final version.

Some words seem to interest me more than others.  For example, I have always liked the word serendipity from the moment I first heard it.  Rendezvous is another word I like.  Archipelago is one of those words that I liked from the moment I first heard it. I think when kids first play the game there will be a number of challenging words like this for them.  That’s fine, because it gives the parents a chance to tell them what the word is.   I think it creates positive interaction between adults and kids as the game is played.william dampier


Buccaneer_Archipelago mapBuccaneer Archipelago is group of about 800 small rocky islands off the Northwest coast of Australia.  The archipelago was named in 1820 after a 17th century English pirate named William Dampier who originally charted the area.  The area remains largely unspoiled and is touted by tourist agencies as an excellent place for fishing and taking a cruise.


To learn more about the board game go to www.TreasureTroveGame.com  boxtop