Kings and Cobras







I grew up in south Texas and we always had an abundance of snakes.  Plenty of rattlesnakes, copperheads and the one I dread the most, water moccasins.  I played a lot of golf in the summers and had been taught that if your ball goes in the rough, as mine often did, just drag a golf club on the ground and the vibration will scare most snakes away.  Most snakes want to avoid us as much as we them.  It is not fail safe.  A friend of mine got bite by a copperhead as he reached down to retrieve his golf ball one hot afternoon.  He spent a few days in the hospital.  To this day I watch a bit more closely when walking in the brush to search for a golf ball.  Just a few years ago I was helping a friend look for his golf ball when our eyes spotted it.  He was quickly approaching the ball when I told him to wait a moment.  We stopped as a black snake squirmed by directly next to his ball.  I told him it was just a garter snake, so no big deal.  On the other hand, water moccasins are underestimated in my opinion.

As a teenager we went swimming at a water tank near on my uncle’s ranch one hot summer day and to our disappointment found we were not alone.  There was a nest of moccasins and I thought they would leave us alone.  On the contrary, they turned out to be aggressive, or at least territorial.  My oldest cousin had a gun and we ended up shooting about fifteen of them.  They would actually come out of the water and slither up towards us.  Needless to say we did not do much swimming.  Most of the ones we shot were small which I now realize can be more venomous.  Mocassins can also grow to be quite large.  I dislike them.  They are black and just plain nasty looking.  I like to swim but when I do swim in Texas rivers, I keep a eye out for moccasins.  One snake I’m glad we do not have here in the United States, at least not yet, are cobras.  I say at least not yet because at one time there were no pythons in North America until about the 1990’s.  Either some were released in the wild by pet owners, or Hurricane Andrew damaged some zoos allowing some to escape.  There are now enough pythons in the Florida everglades that they will be with us for now on.

Cobras have always struck fear in me.  The movies with stories set in India and Southeast Asia often mention the cobra, the King of snakes;  King Cobra.  They can spit at you, they can grow to be very long, and they are very venomous.  Yes, I see them at zoos, but that is as close as I want to be to a cobra.  I hope they never get loose into the wilds of the southern United States.







I included the following situation card in my board game Treasure Trove that mentioned something of value such as diamonds, someone who would have wealth such as a king, and something of danger such as a cobra.  The card is included in the deck of situation cards for Asia.


Life is an adventure and thus entails some risk.  I suppose looking for treasure would also invlove risk, especially if one were in the jungles of South Asia.  Not all the situation cards are bad, as a matter of fact most are not.  Please visit our home page to learn more about Treasure Trove.