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View of Nazca drawing from the sky

            I had never heard of archaeoastronomy until I was researching something in South America called the Giants of Nazca.  It is an interesting word.  I also like the word giants.  Giants is something of interest to almost all kids as well as those of us who choose to remain children at heart.  I still love watching shows on the discovery channel about giant fish, giant snakes, and so forth.  Not to mention cheesy horror movies about giant anacondas, alligators, worms, etc.

     The Giants of Nazca are the large ground drawings in Peru that are visible from the sky.  It has long been speculated that the ancient drawings were landmarks for visiting beings in spacecraft.  The game board for TreasureTrove  includes a drawing in South America of one of the Giants of Nazca.

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View of Nazca astronaut from the sky

The game includes a booklet describing each of the treasure spaces on the board.  It reads as follows:

Giants of Nazca:  Your interest in archaeoastronomy takes you to Peru to study the giant pictures called the Nazca drawings.  (See Footnotes-Nazca Culture;  Archaeostronomy)

The booklet footnotes read as follows:

Archaeostronomy:  The study of how peoples of the past understood the phenomena of the sky and how it affected their culture.

Nazca Culture:  Advanced civilization that thrived about 2000 years ago in the Andes Mountains.  It predated the Incas who were conquered by the Spanish in the 16th century.

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