Emerald Valley


Patricia Emerald

           The largest green diamonds to have been found have come from Columbia.  In the board game TreasureTrove lots of facts about treasure, gold, crowns, gems, pirates, sunken treasure and other topics related to the world’s fabled riches are revealed in the process of play.  The following is one of 72 situation cards within the game. 

           Also included with the game is a twenty page instructional booklet of which about 10 pages are factoids dealing with fun information about treasure discoveries, unique animals, shipwrecks, legends, lost civilizations and so forth.  The following is in the footnote section concerning emeralds.                                                                          


     1.  Duke of Devonshire:  1,383 carat Columbian emerald.

2.  Mogul Emerald:  One of the largest green gems in the world at 217 carats.  It   was found in the 17th century and inscribed with Islamic prayers.

3.  Patricia Emerald:  632 carat stone found in 1921 in Columbia named in honor of Saint Patrick.

Duke of Devonshire Emerald

Mogul Emerald

Emerald Valley on game board of TreasureTrove

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