I love to travel, and I love to hike.  Yet, there is always the possibility of some unforeseen circumstances that may arise that can change everything.  Such is the risk when one seeks adventure.  I suppose those risks are even more compounded when one is a treasure hunter.

I was once hiking in Big Bend National Park and had been on the trail for over 20 hours It was close to midnight and I found myself a bit lost as I had wandered off the trail.  I was tired, and anxious to finish the hike.  I was hopeful I was only a few hours from the Lodge, although I obviously could not see it.  During the day I had either followed a trail or watched for cairns(stacks of rocks) that help mark a difficult trail to follow.  It was a thirty mile hike and not easy terrain.  In the dark of night there is little way of following cairns, but fortunately the trail at this point had been fairly well marked. It was just a matter of composing myself and backtracking as best I could.  It did not take long to find the path and the rest of my journey was uneventful as I finished about 2 a.m.

Years ago a friend and I drove a small car through Scandinavia.  We had visited Copenhagen,Denmark and Stockholm, Sweden.  We really enjoyed Oslo, Norway.  The travel in Norway was slow with the mountains and fiords.  We had the bright idea of driving to the west coast of Norway and then catch a fairy that would take us back to Germany.  At the time we were in the Air Force and had to be at work early Monday morning or we would be AWOL(absent without leave).  Our supervisor was one who liked to make big things out of little things so we were a bit unsettled when we told there was no fairy going form where we had driven to, the town of Stavanger.  I showed them the map that indicated a fairy did indeed travel from this particular port all the way back to Germany.  Yes, they agreed, but only every three days.  The next fairy was not for several days.

It was Saturday morning and we had to backtrack.  Off to the races as we drove as fast as we could for many hours to get back to Oslo.  Early Sunday we caught the first fairy going from Olso to Germany.  Then we drove all evening and into the night.  We were at work on time, but had had a great adventure.

In the process of play during Treasure Trove there are dozens of situation cards that offer players opportunities to collect treasure, win money, or travel quickly to different treasure locations throughout the world.  Also within the situation cards are a number of cards forcing the player to lose a turn.  These are presented with a bit of humor to help the medicine go down.  For example, one of the cards from Africa reads as follows: