Castaway Island

Castaway Island

The idea of being stranded on a remote island sounds romantic.  Especially if you were stranded with someone pretty like Mary Ann on Gilligan’s Island.  I always enjoyed looking at her when I was a teenager watching reruns of Gilligan’s Island.  Some men liked Ginger, but for me it was Mary Ann.  When I was a little kid I watched the movie Swiss Family Robinson and it really captured my imagination. As a child my family also had Golden Books one of which was Robinson Crusoe.  I must have read the book dozens of times. Fantasizing about living on an island brought many a good thought.

I remember watching an episode on Sixty Minutes about a man on his honeymoon who took his bride to the Maldives, a group of about one thousand tiny islands in the Indian Ocean. It was supposed to be pleasure in the sand and sun. The Danish couple had an argument, and he killed his bride. The Maldives is a land where very little violent crime occurs, and consequently the government was not sure exactly how to punish the man from Holland. For his punishment he was banished to a remote tiny island. Only catch and a good one for the Dutchman, there were were about five girls on the island with him. They cooked for him and he lived with them. When Sixty Minutes interviewed him on the remote island he was quite content. As a matter of fact when Sixty Minutesreturned a few years later, the marooned man was still quite content and expressed no desire to return to civilization. That is probably the only time I have heard where someone was actually happy to be stranded. In reality, being a castaway would be anything but fun.

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My research regarding famous castaways told of some sailors being stranded for decades in the South Pacific.  There were a number of stories involving lost ships in the South Indian Ocean whose survivors spent years on such islands as the remote Crozet Islands.  I choose to place a spot on the game board of Treasure Trove in the Indian Ocean and called it Castaway Island.  There is actually no such island there, only stories told of lost fishermen washed ashore who struggled to survive.  Many ships did find islands that had had castaways, but most perished prior to being rescued.  I now realize thanks to the Internet that there is a tiny island called Castaway Island, part of Fiji, a tourist destination in the South Pacific.

            While playing Treasure Trove, if one lands on Castaway Island, they roll the die and collect in Treasure Notes the amount shown on die.  Nice twist to put some fun in the game.