About Game

Treasure Trove

Hello, my name is Keith.  Welcome to TreasureTroveGame.com.  I like playing board games. I grew up playing board games with my brothers back in the 1960’s and continue to enjoy playing with them.  I have played a variety but am not an expert on any specific board game.  However, there is one board game I particularly like, which is called Treasure Trove. This is where you will find info all about that game.

I created a treasure game to play with my kids when they were growing up in the late 80’s and early 90’s.  I eventually had the game professionally developed and am in the process now of marketing the product.  We called it Treasure Trove.


Many of my entries to this blog will talk about the game, but I also like to explore life’s real hidden treasures.  The format of the game is to collect the treasures on the board.  Simple and straight forward.  However, the game was also designed to be off interest to a person of any age.  Hidden facts about fabled wealth and legendary treasure throughout the world are to be discovered when playing the game.  Additionally the game mentions quotes and proverbs in order to remind us of life’s more important values than acquiring wealth.  Most of life’s true treasures as we know are right in front of us.

 How to Play TreasureTrove

Players choose a colorful token and travel various pathways collecting the treasures on the game board. The game is designed for easy set up with a playing time of about thirty minutes. Information regarding the world’s treasures will pique the interest of all playing. The game is straight forward in play with each participant trying to acquire as many treasures as they can as quickly as possible. Wealth is accumulated by seizing treasure tokens, retaining situation cards of value, and collecting treasure notes. For those who enjoy a quick search of facts, an informative twenty-page booklet listing historical finds of treasure has been provided.

What Type of Game is TreasureTrove?

TreasureTrove was created to provide an opportunity for parents and grandparents to sit down together with older children and enjoy a board game that is not too time consuming. The game was designed to invite the interest of all ages targeting 7-12 year old. The theme of treasure was chosen because it fascinates people of all ages. The game has unique colorful player tokens, and the multiple treasures allow each player to collect their share in the process of playing the game. An element of strategy is evident, but there is enough chance and luck to prevent that from dominating the game. The beginning player has just as much chance of winning as one who has played often.

The game board is designed to be colorful and imaginative. Any quest for treasure entails adventure. Illustrations of strange animals, castles, lost cities, sunken ships, and temples add to the experience of traveling the world in search of treasure.

There are 72 situation cards that keep the game entertaining. Historical facts, tales of wealth and hidden truths about treasure are revealed in the cards. Some contain as much value as the treasure pieces, while others cause the loss of a turn or opportunity to move to another location on the board, adding to the element of chance. Some of the cards are witty to keep the game light-hearted.

The game ends when all sixteen treasure pieces have been claimed, and the player with the most value indicated by his treasures, situation cards and treasure notes wins.