All Saints Day

I did not know today was All Saints Day. I also admit as of writing this I do not know much about All Saints Day and the history of it within Christianity. I have attended Protestant worship services most of my life, and am not very knowledgable about certain religous days such as this. I will share with you what I experienced this morning at an Episcopal service.  The Episcapal service did not seem any different than other services I have attended, however on the altar was a beautiful display of figurines exemplifying a number of saints. These were placed by several of the church’s parishioners. After church we were encouraged to take a few moments and get a closer look. One of my friends was taking pictures with her camera. I asked what some of the figurines and icons represented. Several were Mary, several were St Francis of Assisi, some were perhaps several of the apostles. I enjoyed her enjoyment of their beauty. To be honest I was raised to not have these types of icons on display in the home,much less in a church setting. Nevertheless, I did not feel anything was wrong. No one was worshipping any of these pieces. It was a way of reflecting on those believers from past centuries whose lives influenced others, represented Christ well, and enhanced His Kingdom. I have more to learn about All Saints Day, but for now let me cherish the enjoyment these people, these believers in Christ had in the display on the altar. I could tell they treasure in their hearts their belief, and that is what God’s Kingdom is all about.

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