Money Won

Who of us has not had thoughts of winning money.  When I was a kid in the 1960’s, a friend of mine won $135 on bingo night.  That totally impressed me.  I was about thirteen years of age at the time and got paid only $5 to mow a yard.  It would take me all summer to earn as much as he won in one night.  I think it cost about $10 to enter the bingo tournament.  His parents entered him in the tournament, something mine would never have even considered.

I attended a conference one time in Vegas and meandered through some of the casinos to check things out.  I don’t know how to gamble, so I passed the time watching others lose their money.  I heard some commotion at one of the craps tables.  I put a quarter down to place a bet, and maybe learn how to play.  One of card dealers asked me what I was doing. 

“I’m  placing a bet,” I told him.  “Not here,” he said, adding, “See that guy with the dice?  He won over $1,000,000 last night.  Some of those chips of his are $10,000.  You can try your luck at another table.”  I retrieved my quarter and looked for another way to lose my 25 cents. 

I bought a lottery ticket for a dollar one time when the jackpot was over $100,000,000 but forgot to check if I had won or not.  That’s about it for me as far as winning money.  Yet, I think it about often, that is, if I ever were to win money in Vegas or the lottery.  I think we all do.

I included on the Treasure Trove board game a situation whereby a player can win money.  The following card is a play on words, but still fun for the player drawing the card. In Korea, the currency is called the “won,” just as we have the dollar. 


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