Attic Treasure II


In December of 2009, I wrote a blog entry about a friend of mine that found attic treasure, that being a box of old baseball cards worth thousands.  The news earlier this month about a family in Ohio that discovered a cigar box of baseball cards from the early 20th century brought a smile to my face.  That would be so cool if that happened to any of us.  In the meantime, I will enjoy the excitement the family must be experiencing.

I do not know baseball cards very well.  I have some stored away, but I don’t think they will ever be worth much.  I assume if I saw some cards that looked old I would check them out.  That is what the family did, and to their pleasant amazement the cards are not worth tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands, but actually millions.  I had no idea that any baseball cards could bring that value, and yet some of the cards are so old with some big names like Ty Cobb and Honus Wagoner that they indeed are expected to fetch a high price.  I wish the family well. 

I can at least say at one time I owned a baseball team.  Go to Antique Treasure in “my  categories” of my blog and find the Roadshow Treasure article from Feb 2010.  I went to Vegas recently and thought about selling my team to Pawn stars, but both times I went by the shop, the line was way out the door.

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