A  few months ago was the centennial commemoration of the sinking of history’s most famous ship, the Titanic.  Everything about the ship seems to capture our imagination:  how the ship was built, what type of passengers, how long did it take to sink.  I do not even know why it was called the Titanic?  As a young child I remember my older talking about how it sank on it’s maiden voyage.  At the time I did not know what maiden meant.  It is interesting how a person remembers quirky things like that.  The Titanic may indeed offer a huge reward to deep sea treasure hunters, but its real value is the treasure it offers to history.  Unsinkable it was said to be, and yet it sank on its first trans-Atlantic ocean voyage.  So much for British arrogance.  I included Titanic on the game board of Treasure Trove because it was one of the first deep sea treasures that came to my mind.  There is not anything new I can add as far as information regarding the Titanic, just that any of its artifacts will obviously bring a good financial reward.

Titanic on the game board of Treasure Trove

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