Some animals just capture our imagination, or should I say, our fear.  Piranhas are one of those creatures that definitely fit into this category.  I cannot recall exactly when I first heard of piranhas, but had been told they were flesh eating fish that attacked in groups eating other fish, or whatever else is in the water, to the bone.  I think my oldest brother mentioned piranhas when I was young.  In Junior High I saw a movie at school about the Spanish explorers.  One of the men went swimming in the Amazon, and guess what?  Let’s just say I was convinced to never swim in the Amazon.

            I have always been fascinated with the diversity of animals on our planet and how each of the continents has its own unique, often strange, animals.  I love watching documentaries on wildlife, or shows such as River Monsters.  When I created the board game Treasure Trove, I wanted that sense of adventure and exploration to be evident as players travel the world in search of treasure.  I deliberately mentioned some of the exotic animals indigenous to the various continents.  Some of these I placed with drawings on the game board, while others I placed within the situation cards.  I placed the following card in the stack of cards for South America.


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