Music Treasure


            I know there are occasional rare stories of people finding an unknown music piece that had been composed by some late great composer centuries earlier.  That indeed would be a very valuable piece of music.  Music treasure you might say.  Let me share some musical treasure that happened to me last week. 

My youngest child is a junior in college.  He had been majoring in music and is quite good with the saxophone.  However, he conveyed to me a few weeks ago that he was changing his major.  So what’s new.  That seems to be what kids do now in college.  He would finish his degree in music, but pursue a masters in business, focusing on accounting.  I was fine by that, actually quite relieved. I was not sure how many job opportunities are available with a music degree.  He called last week telling me about a concert at the university for the jazz band.  The college is in the same city where my wife and I live, so we were fortunate to make the occasion.

During the concert, he had several solos, one with the alto sax, and several with the tenor sax.  Throughout the years I had seen him do a number of saxophone solos and it has always impressed me.  I have never had the gift of music.  History speaks to me,  which I find interesting, colorful, and informative.  I tend to see God’s hand throughout history.  It actually edifies me.  My mom’s gift was art.  She painted for almost 40 years.  My wife played the violin.  My daughter has bothmusic and art.  She plays the violin, and was an art major in college.  These gifts from our creator should be highly treasured.

During the jazz band performance, the music professor mentioned several students had each composed their own musical scores, of which one was my son.  I liked his piece, it was about seven minutes in length, but I was impressed.  Wow, to be able to read music, which I cannot do, to play music, which I cannot do, but to write it.  Well, that is quite obviously not in my thinking.  That would be a cool feeling.  If I could write music, it would be a gift I would treasure.  It was a treasured experience to see my son perform.    

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