Have you ever dreamed of traveling the world in search of hidden treasure?

In TreasureTrove you will journey the earth’s continents finding fabled wealth. Pretend you are a conquistador (purple helmet) exploring for gold and silver while discovering new civilizations.  Maybe you would rather be a pirate (red ax) of the high seas whose stolen treasures are yet to be found.  Perhaps you imagine yourself an archaeologist (yellow lantern) uncovering artifacts of past empires.  The scuba diving (blue tank, fins) exploits of deep sea explorers are always fascinating.  Modern day wildcatters (orange boot) continue to look for the next oil bonanza, and don’t forget the corporate raider (green money bag) who continually seeks the next big adventure.  Choose one and let your trek begin.

Legendary treasures strewn along pathways criss-crossing the world’s continents are yours for the taking. Be the first to seize the fabled wealth of Treasure Island, Jewels of the Congo, or the Czar’s golden crown.  Twists and turns, surprise treasure, and hidden truths are buried in the situation cards, daring you to risk promise or peril.  No one is too old for this adventure.

TreasureTrove is a family game for 2 to 6 players, ages 7 to adult. Players experience a colorful journey as they travel the world in search of treasure. Playing time is twenty to forty minutes.